The Why is key to your future success. It’s your pole position for growth, your most fertile ground. It’s your purpose and your strength combined. But there is more than your Why.

These days you might think that the Why is all you need to worry about. True, in the last few decades we’ve lost track of this. But let’s not polarize and ignore the other areas that are equally relevant for growth and making a positive impact.

Simon Sinec points out that there are three things that matter – Why, How and What. And that the Why is the critical one.  Well, I believe there are five. Each of them has a critical role for your impact and if you are weak in one you will suffer as a whole. To get them right it’s key to follow the next five steps:

  1. 1.     WHY – do you exist? The Why is your purpose and your strength. What do we want to be remembered for? What do we do exceptionally well and what drives our impact? It is your source of your biggest potential and by getting this right you position yourself for maximum positive impact.
  2. 2.     WHO –is your end-user? Who do we make this for? In the end you exist because you make an impact in someone’s live. Who are they, why do they need you, why do they want you? If you get this right you’ll have the maximum traction on what it is you have to offer. A seamless connection between your Why and Who gives a maximum Pull.
  3. 3.     WHERE – can you make your biggest impact? What is your direction? Understanding what your vision is, where that takes you and what the broad strategy is to get there. This is the rigorous analysis of your potential and where you are going to take that. It is a clear point on the horizon combining your passion, strength, future customer needs and commercial analysis.
  4. 4.     HOW – to get there? We need to come up with new initiatives, ideas, plans and strategies to make our vision happen. The How entails the creativity in the organization and transforms your point on the horizon into solutions to get there.
  5. 5.     WHAT – are we going to do? Execution power, operational excellence, lean and real world thinking to make it happen. The How gave you ideas on how to get there, the What transforms this into action and implementation. This is where things get REAL. This where we use Co-creation.


When you build up your strategy these are the five topics to cover. I see this as a catapult. The further you draw back the further you will shoot and the bigger your impact will be.

If you draw all the way back to the Why you are setting yourself up for the highest positive impact possible.

So yes start with your Why, but don’t stop there!

After the Why you also need to find the relevance for your end-user, determine a clear point on the horizon, turn direction into tangible plans and be rigorous in implementation!