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Start with your Why but don’t end there

The Why is key to your future success. It’s your pole position for growth, your most fertile ground. It’s your purpose and your strength combined. But there is more than your Why. These days you might think that the Why is all you need to worry about. True, in the last few decades we’ve lost track of this. But let’s not polarize and ignore the other areas that are equally

Pull Education means I WANT to be in Class!

Over the last few years we’ve done a string of education projects, together with a publisher called Blink Education. They’re the new kid in town in The Netherlands and their star is rising. Our first project together was to develop a curriculum for English lessons (as a foreign language) in Elementary schools. To facilitate this, we conducted countless interviews to find out the needs and wants of  children this age,

How to save the rainforest? Rent it!

I’m sure you’ve played this game: If you could donate an insane amount of money to one cause – what would that be? I had this conversation years ago with a friend. I opted for education in Africa, he went for the rainforest. His point being that this benefitted every living soul and creature and not just humankind. Fair point. What kept milling though my mind was: How? Over the

‘P’ of Purpose for long term Pull

I was also taught Kotlers’ famous four P’s: Place, Product, Promotion and Price. The four P’s will help you gain instant commercial success. Recently there is a lot to do about adding a fifth one: the P of Purpose. For me this makes sense and I believe that adding the P of Purpose could mean adding long term value and Pull to a proposition. I’ve been thinking about this a