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‘P’ of Purpose for long term Pull

I was also taught Kotlers’ famous four P’s: Place, Product, Promotion and Price. The four P’s will help you gain instant commercial success. Recently there is a lot to do about adding a fifth one: the P of Purpose. For me this makes sense and I believe that adding the P of Purpose could mean adding long term value and Pull to a proposition. I’ve been thinking about this a

Shift to Pull – Evolution

We try  help companies transform to a Pull organization. Wrapping themselves around the needs and wants of their end-user. We have two approaches that we tend to mix and match. The first is the more gradual route. An evolution. If your company is doing pretty well and you want to make this shift timely then it does not have to be drastic change overnight shift. What will simply help is

The 5 Worlds that Lead to Growth

We did a speech a bit over a year ago on how to lead an innovation project… – Speech on 5 worlds After years of experience and soul-searching we came to this model that has really helped us to get to breakthrough results. To establish successful growth there are multiple influencers at stake. In our model we have repositioned your organization into 4 different worlds. With a fifth to keep these worlds