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Don’t just rely on your opinion leaders for Pull

In some industries, companies rely heavily on opinion leaders to make their products a succes. After all, they are often key stakeholders. But depending only on them can be a dangerous thing. This is especially risky in industries such as in Pharmaceuticals, where companies typically depend on key opinion leaders as their guide to commercial success. Blindly accepting them to tell you what your end-users want, can get tricky. Despite all

Co-creation; from Idea to Pull Proposition

There’s a lot to said for co-creation in innovation. And I believe that it’s absolutely crucial. But only at the right time. You need to start by knowing what your end-user needs and wants. Base your ideas on this, then use co-creation to complete the idea. Together with your end-users, you can co-create propositions that integrate perfectly with their lives. Co-creation rounds can costly and time-consuming, but they do add