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How to save the rainforest? Rent it!

I’m sure you’ve played this game: If you could donate an insane amount of money to one cause – what would that be? I had this conversation years ago with a friend. I opted for education in Africa, he went for the rainforest. His point being that this benefitted every living soul and creature and not just humankind. Fair point. What kept milling though my mind was: How? Over the

From Pull Innovation to a Pull Organization

Over the last decades we’ve seen companies make a dramatic change to their innovation approach. This approach is known as Design Thinking, Solution Based Thinking or Insights thinking. In essence design thinking is a simple idea. Rather than coming up with an idea that you try to push into the market, you start by investigating what people want or need first. Once you know this, you design and develop your product

‘P’ of Purpose for long term Pull

I was also taught Kotlers’ famous four P’s: Place, Product, Promotion and Price. The four P’s will help you gain instant commercial success. Recently there is a lot to do about adding a fifth one: the P of Purpose. For me this makes sense and I believe that adding the P of Purpose could mean adding long term value and Pull to a proposition. I’ve been thinking about this a

For Every Compromise you pay in Pull – How to avoid it???

End-user Insights/Needs are often advocated as a tool to realize pull. I think that’s can be true, Pull being the situation that customers queue up at your front door to fight over your product or service. With a big demand (pull) for your product and organization you will grow by default. In the early industrial days supply was scarcer than demand. Just remember Henry Fords famous words – They can have