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Push to Pull

The Why is more than your purpose

Start with the Why! Thanks to Sinek we are all entrenched with the Why. And for good reason. If you start with your Why it will lead to understanding the reasons behind your actions. Things will start to flow naturally. The Why is your most fertile ground. It is the place from which you are geared for success. But what is your Why? Populist views take it to purpose, passion, mission

WHERE is your point on the Horizon

When setting the future direction of an organization we commonly look at market potential and the strategic fit with your organization. By analyzing the financial potential we make our revenue forecast. And by analyzing the organizational strength we determine our investments. Adding the two together makes your business case. When presented with multiple opportunities you will need to decide which to pursue and these two variables are critically important. I

Don’t just give customers what they want

Pull is determined by Wants and Needs and they are different ‘Consumers don’t know what they want.’ Steve Jobs famous quote. And he’s right. That does not mean it’s not your job to know what they do.  And knowing what they want is hard work. It’s more than research, it’s an art. Why did Steve get away with ignoring market research tools? Simple – because he was his own ultimate

Start with your Why but don’t end there

The Why is key to your future success. It’s your pole position for growth, your most fertile ground. It’s your purpose and your strength combined. But there is more than your Why. These days you might think that the Why is all you need to worry about. True, in the last few decades we’ve lost track of this. But let’s not polarize and ignore the other areas that are equally